Why we don't do long sleeve tops for children under 6 years old.

Long sleeve for U'6's

Why we don't do Long sleeve for kids under 6.


Sorry but we don't do long sleeve tops for children under 6 years.


There are 2 main reasons we don't do it.


1. You need a descent  seal at the cuff (or at least the forearm ) to stop water flushing in.

The cuff diameter  then needs to be 1-2cm smaller than the diameter of the child's wrist.

If you look across the width of your hand , even with your thumb tucked in you will see that it is much wider than your wrist.

Therefore with the cuff  a smaller diameter than the wrist it is very hard to get on.

We find that kids under 6 just don't have the strength to get the long sleeve on.

It becomes frustrating for both the child and the parent. This in turn stops them wanting to put the top on.

Most of our tops are used for swimming lessons.

If putting the top on becomes stressful for the child ( and Parent) then lots of the 30 -45 min swimming lesson is wasted.


2. The most important reason we don't do them for children is that if the seal is not adequate at the wrist then the Sleeve fills up with water.

The arm becomes heavy and  hard to move and this is very dangerous.

No matter how much  information we provide on the correct fitting of the tops, parents still buy them 2 sizes  too big for their kids to grow into them.

It's not such a big problem with the short sleeve because there is usually a seal somewhere on the bicep or across the chest.

Thus stopping the sleeve flushing with water and filling up.

The seal at the chest still keeps the  child's core warm.


We have experimented with zips, Velcro and all manner of things for the long sleeve but nothing has worked yet.

To be honest , we don't recommend long sleeve until they are 8 -10 years old.


We do make Spring Suits ( Combined tops and pants ) out of our Neo Skin. 

Our wetsuit tops are 0.5 mm Titanium backed neoprene coated with 4 way superstretch nylon.

Usually this is adequate for keeping kids warm.


Hope this information is helpful.

If you need any more information  then please don't hesitate to email us or call us on 02 8402 4110 Between 12 and 6pm Monday to Friday AEST.

Alternatively you can let us know a contact phone number and a convenient time to call and we can discuss the best options for your child.


Kind regards


ToasTees Wetsuits

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