Size Information

It is hard to measure children with tape measures.

As a rule of thumb. Order the same size wetsuit as the Age size T-shirt ( AUS or UK ) that they are wearing now. The T shirt may fit loose but the same size wetsuit should fit snug.

Let's explain how to obtain the correct measurements for our products.


For children.

The most important measurement is the chest. Take a tape measure and measure around the chest at nipple height.

The next important measurement is the body length. Measure from the lower neck, (where the shoulder meets the neck) to the top of the child’s swimming costume.

Next measure just below the bicep and finally around the base of  your child’s neck.

For the pants, just measure the child’s waist.

For infants pants you can go by age but if you know their approximate weight it is better.

Then check your measurements against the ones in the size chart to get the best fit. The wetsuits circumferences are slightly smaller than the charts so as to achieve the desired snug fit.
Don’t worry - it is a VERY stretchy material.

Most children will wear the same size wetsuit pants and top as they are wearing in clothes.

If you can’t find a suitable match, we do a limited range of Skinny kids / Special needs tops. These have the same body and short sleeve arm length as our regular kids sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10  and Adult male size XS and S. But have reduced chest, waist, sleeve and neck circumferences.

In saying all this, we realize that well meaning family and friends may still end up buying your child a wetsuit that is 2 sizes too big for them so that they can “grow into it” .

If this happens just return the unused wetsuit to us within 30 days of purchase, include a cheque for $8 to cover postage and handling and we will happily send you out the correct size wetsuit.


For Adults

Please take a tape measure and try and match the measurements in our Adult size charts.

Some women may find the Men’s style is better suited to their body shape.


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