Children’s Range

The Children's Range is made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM ( 100 % SBR Neoprene coated with a titanium backing).

The combination of closed cell neoprene and Titanium backing increases the warmth by up to 30% compared to other wetsuits. The 0.5 mm Neoskin achieves similar thermal benefits compared to those of regular thicker and bulkier 2mm wetsuits.

Using 0.5mm Neoskin makes the wetsuits thin and lightweight with minimum buoyancy. The 4 way super stretch nylon coating achieves the best combination of flexibility and durability. It is a must for small areas of material between seams of children’s wetsuits. As opposed to regular 2 way stretch nylon or polyester used in other wetsuits.

Our seams are Flat locked stitched as opposed to overlocked stitching to reduce chafing.

  • They are sewn with a Poly poly thread for flexibility and chlorine resistance.
  • Sun protection of UPF 50+ in compliance with A S / N Z Standard 4399.
  • Our wetsuits tops come in long and short sleeve.
  • They are available with a full front zip.
  • The Infant pants have an elastine band around the waist and legs.
  • The toddlers and kids pants have a pull cord in the waist.

This make it easy to get on and off. Tops without full front zips are great for children who are used to getting wetsuits on and off. But for children that are doing a 30 -45 minute swimming lesson you want the least amount of stress getting your child into a warm wetsuit to get the maximum out of your lesson. They are also great for the more independent kids.

We also make a Skinny kids range of wetsuits. The Skinny kids range of tops are for very skinny kids or may be suitable for kids with special needs. They are basically the same body and arm length as our regular kids tops but with reduced Neck, Arm, Chest and Waist circumferences.

So when comparing our Children’s wetsuits to the others ask are they

  • Made from Titanium backed 0.5mm Closed cell neoprene for maximum flexibility.
  • Have Flatlock stitched seams as opposed to overlocked sewn seams to reduce chafing.Sewn with a Poly Poly thread to reduce deterioration from chlorinated water.
  • Coated with a 4 way stretch nylon jersey / coating for maximum stretch and toughness. As opposed to 2 way stretch nylon or Polyester.
  • When there are small amounts of material between seams you need a 4 way stretch coating so the area can stretch.


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