Children's Squad suit Information

Children’s Squad Suits


Information and sizing for the Children’s Squad suit.


They were designed for children who were no longer doing Learn to Swim and had progressed to Learning competitive strokes / Mini squads.

They are made from the same materials as our kid’s tops and designed to get the kids through these squads 2 sessions a week for terms 2 and 3.

So we made them in sizes 8, 10 and 12. For children approximately 7 to 14 years.

Before 7 years old they will be in our tops ( Kid’s wetsuits ) or Spring suits. The size 6 Spring suit will usually fit them until they are 8. (135 cm tall / 28 kg )

After 14 yrs they will go into our Adult range.

In hind sight we should have labelled them as Small, Medium and Tall.

The biggest problem we have is parents get hung up on ages and always buy tops 2 sizes too big.

We always say to Parents “As a rule of thumb when it comes to measurements. Choose the top the same size as what fits a child in a T shirt from a reputable Australian / UK brand. “

Being a wetsuit we need them to fit snug. So buying the bigger size doesn’t work especially with the squad suits.

As a general rule for the squad suits, for a child of normal build (they are usually all looked at as skinny at this age)

You need to be

135cm for the size 8 and 30 kg

145cm for the size 10 and 40 kg

155cm and over for the size 12 and 50kg


They  are odd looking.

After taking a lot of measurements from kids at this age the suits are very straight up and down.

Especially the size 8.

To get them on you really have to pull the legs up over the knees to start with.

It can seem tight. But it has to be around the pants as you don’t want this area filling up with water.


Children at younger ages are not used to putting on competitive swimming gear.

Often they will initially complain that it is too tight.

They need to do a few laps in them to get the correct feel.


We also make a generic size XXS for kids that are starting to do squads 4 times a week or more.

This is made out of our Chlorine resistant materials. The same as our Instructor series range.


We haven’t made a squad suit in a size 6.

Although we will look at it in the future if we find we have enough interest from children doing competitive swimming of smaller builds than our size 8 ( Small )

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