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ToasTees Wetsuits are designed to be almost as light as a Rash vest but keep you warm like a regular 2mm wetsuit.

In general, most wetsuits are made from one of 3 grades of Neoprene. They are categorised according to their cell density and are either 100% SBR, 50 %SBR / CR or 100% CR. With SBR being the  highest quality.

All ToasTees Wetsuits are made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM ( 100 % SBR high density closed cell neoprene coated with a titanium backing.).

The seams are flat lock stitched to reduce chafing and sewn with a Poly poly thread for increased strength and durability.
Our Children’s and Adult Ocean series range of Wetsuits have a 4 way stretch nylon outer for maximum flexibility and stretch.

4 way stretch

The Chlorine resistant wetsuit range has the 0.5mm neoprene coated on both sides with PBT / Polyester . ( Chloroban ) and flatlock stitched with a Poly poly thread.




How a wetsuit keeps you warm.

A wetsuit works by trapping a thin layer of water between the wetsuit and the skin. The body temperature quickly heats this trapped water, creating a warm buffer zone that is protected from the outside colder elements by the wetsuits neoprene rubber. The Nylon or PBT/Polyester outer layer provides greater strength and durability.

It is important that you select the correct size wetsuit. A wetsuit that is too big will allow a continual flush of cold water between your body and the wetsuit, removing the thin layer of warm water and negating the wetsuits warming ability. For a wetsuit to work properly they are designed to fit snugly.
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What makes ToasTees wetsuits the number 1 choice for Children’s learn
to swim wetsuits and Instructors?

The Adult Instructor..

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Children’s range..

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