Warranty and Expected Duration / Usage and Length of time of our Garments.


Our products are guaranteed for 30 days for manufacturers’ defects such as Zips, Seams, Neoprene blemishes etc.


However, as we have no way of policing how our products are used / taken care of or the chlorination levels of pools that they are used in,  we do not offer a warranty on wear and tear caused by the purchaser or caused by chlorine degradation.


In Pools with standard chlorination levels of 1.0 mg/L for an outdoor public swimming pool and 2.0 mg/L for an indoor public swimming pool and having the pH level of the water between 7.0 and 7.8,
We expect our tops to last for


Instructor Series -  0.5 mm Neoprene coated on both sides with Chloroban (PBT/Polyester) jersey and sewn with Poly /Poly thread. ( Recommended for Instructors teaching in  Indoor  / Outdoor Heated Pools )

 More than 6 months when using the garment 4 -6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

This is usually 2 terms of swimming lessons. Traditionally in Australia this is terms 2 and 3 over the Autumn / Winter period.

We do get products returned to us that have deteriorated.
Mostly they have been put in the washing machine AND the dryer.

Other factors that can increase the degradation of the garments include:

- Being in a heavily chlorinated pool with a PH level above or below the desired range.
- Being in the Pool after a chlorination Shock treatment. ( Sometimes called a Super Chlorination) Some pools do this as much as once a week.
- Not rinsing the garment out in fresh water.
- Drying the garment in direct sunlight

- Leaving the Garment to dry at the indoor pool. ( With the humidity levels inside the pool complex  this is like leaving the garment in the pool.)
- Wringing the Garment out to dry effects the lamination glue when it is at its weakest due to the chlorine impregnation. So please let them drip dry and do remember that the neoprene is only 0.5mm thick.

Exposure of Garments to Chlorine degrades garments exponentially.
By that we mean that wearing a garment in chlorine for 5 hours straight causes
approximately 3 times more deterioration than wearing a garment for 1 hour a day, 5 days a week.

Swim Instructors.

Your garments should be Tax deductable. Talk to your accountant.


Swim Centre Operators.

If you looking to purchase large numbers of our tops  for your staff, then there is the opportunity to trial a top and see how long it lasts and if it is suitable for your pool.

We send out an expression of interest letter to all our regular customers at the beginning of October.

This covers colours, quantities of Men and Women’s tops, long or short sleeve that you anticipate you may need for the following March.

When our stock arrives in March we offer the tops to our customers who have sent us their wish list.

The tops that are left over from the wish lists and the number required to make up the production run are then offered on our website.

We realise that it is very hard to anticipate what you will need so far in advance. But some swim centers are having success in buying a range of tops, then letting the staff use them on a first come / best fit basis day to day.  


Please contact us on 02 8402 4110 or email simon@toasteeswetsuits.com.au

Hope this information helps.       ToasTees Wetsuits Australia

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