Where are your Wetsuits made?

We often get asked who owns the company and where do the wetsuits get made?

The short answer is that we are an Australian owned company and the goods are made in Taiwan.

When we started in 2005 the best neoprene was made in Japan and the textiles in Italy.

The textiles were attached to the neoprene in Japan, so we utilised finishing factories in Japan.

But then we were told by the neoprene manufacturer that we had to use finishing factories in China.

Unfortunately, the quality of the finished product

Size Information

It is hard to measure children with tape measures.

As a rule of thumb. Order the same size wetsuit as the Age size T-shirt ( AUS or UK ) that they are wearing now. The T shirt may fit loose but the same size wetsuit should fit snug.

Let's explain how to obtain the correct measurements for our products.


For children.

The most important measurement is the chest. Take a tape measure and measure around the chest at nipple height.

The next important measurement is the body length. Measure from the lower

Product Information

ToasTees Wetsuits are designed to be almost as light as a Rash vest but keep you warm like a regular wetsuit.

In general, most wetsuits are made from one of 3 grades of Neoprene. They are categorised according to their cell density and are either 100% SBR, 50 %SBR / CR or 100% CR. With  SBR being the  highest quality.

All ToasTees Wetsuits are made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM ( 100 % SBR Neoprene).

There are 3 ranges.


Adult OCEAN series


The Children's and

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