ToasTees used in Ad


Our Wetsuit tops have made it into an Ad.

Back to front and way too big for the kids.

But still , they were used to keep kids warm  in an advertisement shot in the middle of winter none the less !


ToasTees Ad in Manly Daily




Care Instructions

Please remember that the neoprene is only 0.5mm thick.

Following the care instructions below will greatly increase the life of your ToasTee.

  • Rinse in cold water after use.
  • Drip dry out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not dry inside out.
  • Do not Peg.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Don't leave to dry in a humid chlorine pool enviroment.

Size Information

It is hard to measure children with tape measures.

As a rule of thumb. Order the same size wetsuit as the Age size T-shirt ( AUS or UK ) that they are wearing now. The T shirt may fit loose but the same size wetsuit should fit snug.

Let's explain how to obtain the correct measurements for our products.


For children.

The most important measurement is the chest. Take a tape measure and measure around the chest at nipple height.

The next important measurement is the body length. Measure from the

Children's Squad suit Information

Children’s Squad Suits


Information and sizing for the Children’s Squad suit.


They were designed for children who were no longer doing Learn to Swim and had progressed to Learning competitive strokes / Mini squads.

They are made from the same materials as our kid’s tops and designed to get the kids through these squads 2 sessions a week for terms 2 and 3.

So we made them in sizes 8, 10 and 12. For children approximately 7 to 14 years.

Before 7 years old they will be in our tops ( Kid’s wetsuits




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Dispatching your order


Once your order has been received and paid for, it will be sent the next business day.

We use Australia Post and Couriers, depending on where the product is going.

When purchasing more than one child’s garment or an adult garment, please remember that the parcel will be bulky and may not fit through a letterbox opening.

When providing a delivery address, please ensure that it is relatively secure.  Items will not be replaced if after a search by Australia Post, we find that it was delivered to the address supplied. 

Why we don't do long sleeve tops for children under 6 years old.

Why we don't do Long sleeve for kids under 6.


Sorry but we don't do long sleeve tops for children under 6 years.


There are 2 main reasons we don't do it.


1. You need a descent  seal at the cuff (or at least the forearm ) to stop water flushing in.

The cuff diameter  then needs to be 1-2cm smaller than the diameter of the child's wrist.

If you look across the width of your hand , even with your thumb tucked in you will see that it is much wider than your wrist.

Therefore with the cuff  a smaller


Warranty and Expected Duration / Usage and Length of time of our Garments.


Our products are guaranteed for 30 days for manufacturers’ defects such as Zips, Seams, Neoprene blemishes etc.


However, as we have no way of policing how our products are used / taken care of or the chlorination levels of pools that they are used in,  we do not offer a warranty on wear and tear caused by the purchaser or caused by chlorine degradation.


In Pools with standard chlorination levels of 1.0 mg/L for an outdoor

Product Information

ToasTees Wetsuits are designed to be almost as light as a Rash vest but keep you warm like a regular wetsuit.

In general, most wetsuits are made from one of 3 grades of Neoprene. They are categorised according to their cell density and are either 100% SBR, 50 %SBR / CR or 100% CR. With  SBR being the  highest quality.

All ToasTees Wetsuits are made from 0.5mm thick Neoskin TM ( 100 % SBR Neoprene).

There are 3 ranges.


Adult OCEAN series


The Children's

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